sid- "yo gnardog you wanna burn down today"
zoutachris- "hell yea broham"
sid- "gnarly"
by zoutachris September 16, 2006
Winning big in Las Vegas.

The notion that you will win SO much money, you'll take a casino's entire bankroll. The only option left is to burn the casino down for insurance money.
Man, I can't wait to go to Vegas. We're gonna burn down the Palms!

Guy #1: How'd you do in Vegas? Did you burn down a casino?
Guy #2: Nah, I lost $1,000.
by Milt Deezy May 10, 2007
Expression describing the dismantling of the deeply corrupt and inefficient US prison industrial system.
Let’s get started burning down the house to start saving the US taxpayers gigantic boatloads of money.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 16, 2019
The act where kissing burns 2 calories a minute, so a man will cum on a girls lips and they will kiss, burning the orphanage
"Hey do you wanna burn down an orphanage tonight"

"Woah look they're burning down an orphanage"
by Shuu_27 February 19, 2021
When your smokin weed in a cardboard box to try and get chambered then the box lights on fire like when Brad Pitt burned down troy in that one movie.
Man me an Kieth went to burn some herb and get chambered in a box then it lit up and we was burning down troy
by Butthole Serfer March 10, 2008