When you need free space in your home you sell or put in the garbage things you don't need anymore like books magazines records etc
1- I have to make room. My place is full of things I can't move myself

2- My home is messy better if I make some room.
by Amid December 7, 2006
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For one to "throw up" after or during a meal in order to make room for more.
Michelle went to the washroom, she was making room for more sushi.
by marho February 10, 2010
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About an hour after lunch I spent a good ten minutes in the bathroom making room for dinner.
by ducksRpeople2 August 19, 2011
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(v.) When a person or throws or gives away unwanted items in order to buy something new to replace it.
John is throwing out his playstation
Mike: "You're throwing that out? You getting a Playstation 3?"
John: "Yeah, man. I'm making room for Lebron."
by TheASkinn June 28, 2010
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A slang phrase indicating the need to purge some rump funkies from your bowels and/or empty your bladder. This usually coincides with activities that will refill that newly emptied space.
Person 1: "He man, let's go get some lunch."

Person 2: "Sounds good. Just let me hit the head to make some room."
by Mark May 17, 2005
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When two people on a video call enter a breakout room, and begin kissing their cameras to mimic the act of reaching first base. The activity is usually performed covertly, and is generally less enjoyable than the in-person form.
“Dude, not gonna lie, Victoria and I were in a make-out room for like, 20 minutes during Mr. Brown’s dumb lecture yesterday”

“OMG! I’ve been flirting with Justin all week, we just got paired up in a break-out room during Mr. Anderson’s Spanish class for 5 minutes!!...I’m going to see if he wants to make it a make-out room ;)
by March 3, 2021
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