Person who is focused on a single issue and cannot see the big picture. In other words, someone who cannot see the forest for the trees and refuses to change.
John is such a tree hugger. He's so worried about losing his typewriter that he won't turn on his new computer.
by drwillie February 20, 2008
A slightly derogatory term describing an employee of a company who stays in the same position for many, many years. This term is usually used in industries such as software engineering where the dynamics of the profession are always changing and it is not unusual for other people in the same field to change jobs every few years. This term was often used in the Silicon Valley during the dot-com bubble (late 1990s).
The opposite of a job hopper is a tree hugger.
by Jon Davis January 1, 2009
The Bosmer Elves or more commonly known as “Wood Elves.”

Roaming their forests, jumping around in tree houses and saving the Valenwood from intruders they fight... by denying any use of trade routes, commerce or consuming businessesss.

They do practice cannibalism, refusing to let a slain enemy go to waste... but really... just want to live in total tranquility in their forests.
I played Elder Scrolls Online... OMG those Bosmer are a bunch of tree-huggers.

I wanted to have something to eat after a long day of questing, but my Bosmer wife has been out tree-hugging all day.
by SirQuestinghood November 11, 2013
an enviornmentalist(from an incident where a group of people protested against cutting down a forest by hugging the trees and not letting go)
by Light Joker June 9, 2007
When a man drills a hole in a tree, and then fucks it.
by Lucario6669 September 26, 2016
A lame person that can't find a person to do it with so they decide to do it with tree because they can't avoid them.
Did you see that "tree huggers" fucking that tree.
by LLamma buTT March 13, 2009
Slur for a flower-child or hippy
Look at the tree-huggers without cars whining about McDonalds.
by Gumba Gumba March 4, 2004