A person who most likely originated from Canada or the Northwest coast, who loves trees and all nature. who would bravely die to save the trees.
Tana Armitstead is a dedicated Tree hugger who is fighting for peace and Trees.
by Khana Dai October 05, 2003
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Tree huggers are stupid dumbasses who love the environment. They cry about killing animals and say "your sick!" If you kill a deer. Then, usually it's a tradition to grab yor remington shotgun and say " GET OFF MAH LAWN!!!"
Bob: Hey see those Tree huggers?
Ron: yea, I'm gonna give em a taste of mah buckshot!
by Laoej123345 February 02, 2013
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An environmentalist who attempts to save a tree by wrapping their body around it. Most are completely idiotic or completely brain washed. Also, they don't think of all the meat, plants, trees, water, etc. that has been killed or polluted by their mere existence. They should do the world a favor and create a human mulch pile out of themself.
Headline: A tree hugger was killed today in a futile attempt to save a freakin tree. Don't fret, hedid make something of his life, mulch.
by Laxin MoFo June 02, 2004
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Fuckers that tie themselves to trees that the logging companies planted. They are the reason why nobody can have nice cars because they "pollute". What they don't realize is that not enough people have them to make an impact. Not only that, they take SUV's and bury them, even though the battery acids leak and gas, further polluting the enviroment.
Tree Huggers will never let anybody have nice cars.
by Zakamaru August 16, 2008
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drop my girlfriend off after a date i would hug a tree waiting to see if she would head back out . Hence being a tree hugger
by the original tree hugger May 30, 2011
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