A Suzy is a rare and unique individual. Physically stunning in appearance, her outward beauty is immediately noticeable. She is taller than average, but then again, nothing about her is average. Lithe and graceful, with an infectious laugh and a smile that will cause the sensation of breaking in a mans chest, finally allowing one to understand what the movies are all talking about. Her personality envelopes you, rises to greet you, lifting you as you float in wave after wave of her. The laugh, her voice and the sense of fun and adventure and confidence she exudes is intoxicating. She has an aura of love and compassion about her. She is kind to a fault, to all animals. Even the humans. Forgiveness and faith are values and her integrity is inspiring. She often feels lost but she is loved and will be found as such. She is my favorite fucking niller of all time and she means the world to me. Shes an awesome person and everything will work out for her because God would not have brought her this far just to toss her on her head now. She is a straight gangsta with a carrot fetish. What's up doc? She will cheer you on and cheer you up. She is a best friend.
Aye niller! You ain't my Suzy so back up off me!
by kiahoyte February 27, 2019
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An amazing girl, funny, smart, beautiful. A real catch. Men swoon to her, however, she attracts all, but is attracted to few. If a suzi is into you, you should hold on tight and never let her go, because suzi's are very selective and only keep company with the best of the best.
That girl is a real suzi, you should marry her.
by Captain McAwesomeville January 25, 2011
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The embodiment of all things sweet, nice, beautiful and cute. Often having a dark or dangerous side to watch out for.
by bam jam September 1, 2008
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Suzie Is one of the cutest girls you will ever meet in your life she is smart, funny, she is very good at drawing and when you are around her you will feel your mood almost immediately Brighten up if you are having a bad day she can make it a good one if you are having a good day she’ll make it a even better day and her smile is bright enough to to light up a room full of darkness she always know what to say to break a silent moment and will be by your side no matter what Suzie can make freinds with almost anyone if you ever have the honor of being in a relationship with Suzie you are very lucky
Everyone wants to be friends with Suzie
by William.M.Booth October 30, 2018
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A very beautiful girl with vibrant eyes and radiant skin.
My bisexual Suzi beast of a friend.
by Zeino March 8, 2009
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Beautiful with a great personality, this person will make your heart melt.
I love my Suzy till the day I die
by gretchen December 18, 2004
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