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Gas which animals need to survive and is produced by plant life.

Tree-hugging hippies would like you to believe that 90% of the oxygen in the world is produced by trees and if we lost all the trees, we're dead.

But the truth is trees only supply about 6% of the oxygen... the vast majority comes from algae in the ocean.
Love is like oxygen. You get too much it gets you high. Not enough and you're gonna die. Love'll get you high.

by Alfie The Horndog April 23, 2008
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The leading cause of death in all living beings.

Studies have shown that all living beings that have died have been exposed to oxygen, even if very briefly. Other side effects include rust and fire.
We will rise against oxygen and save humankind!
by CriticalDesign2 April 04, 2008
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*trump enhales oxygen*

*some African villager in Uganda chokes*
via giphy
by Djesse November 23, 2019
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Oxygen is an element in the nonmetal/chalcogens section of the Periodic Table of Elements with the symbol of O. Oxygen is more immediately essential to the life of all mammals, animals, and most life on Earth aside from plants than any other substance, as without oxygen, the common human would die in a matter of minutes. Oxygen is made from the release of carbon dioxide in organisms, which is used by plants to make and release oxygen in respiration. Oxygen is the third most abundant element in the universe by mass after hydrogen and helium
Want to stay alive? Breathe in the wonders of oxygen! It's very simple!
by A.L. Morrison January 05, 2009
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A filler word used when a person can't come up which a response to a question. In reference to the dead air between two people.
Tom says "Hey man, what's up?"
Jerry responds "Uhh...Oxygen"
by JWAOSTAR March 05, 2018
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