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Coolest biatch in the fricken world my partner for life.

will you marry me
by Rick February 20, 2005
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To make something real into something animated in a digitized videogame through process of Melissafication you fuck.
Those cars where put in PGR2 by cartoonilization.
by Rick January 10, 2004
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A vicious fight between two women that features biting & scratching and often involves clothes being ripped off,
"Patty tore off Stacey's top and scratched her tits in the catfight."
by Rick March 26, 2005
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Any penis that, when flaccid, hangs down far enough to bisect the imaginary line between one's kneecaps.
She let out a holler when he tried to shove that circus penis of his up her asshole.
by Rick August 8, 2003
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well you are, just read it fast, you know?
Hey Adrian!...yeah you...read this "eye hem sofa king We Todd Ed!" No way, yeah, you really are!
by Rick May 18, 2004
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The act of solving a dispute using the child's game of "Paper, Rock, Scissor".
Matt and I couldn't decide which concert to go to so we farkeled to settle the argument.
by Rick April 23, 2003
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adj. exceedingly insane, especially regarding an action done to a significant other (e.g., spying, excessive calling)
The bitch is fatal. She was creepin' up on Quinton all night long!
by Rick November 27, 2004
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