1. The name Myra comes from the ancient port and capital city of Lycia, now in modern day Turkey. The name was popularly associated with the Greek name for myrrh (Greek for "bitter"), an aromatic resin obtained from a small thorny tree. Myrrh was used widely for incense and fragrance, medicinal purposes, anointing the dead, and for flavoring wine. The city of Myra featured a large Greco-Roman amphitheater and once had a great temple to the goddess Artemis. The temple was later destroyed by the command of St. Nicholas, a popular bishop at Myra in the 4th century AD. St. Nicholas was known for his charitable nature and humility. Several legends about him have been based on his kind and giving nature and have led to the development of Santa Claus. In another link to Christmas, the name Myra is associated with the same "myrrh" that, according to Matthew, was brought as a gift to the infant Jesus by the Three Kings, along with gold and frankincense.

2. A witty, charming, mysterious female.
They named their baby Myra, because she was born near Christmas, and therefore associated with St. Nicholas as well as myrrh, a gift for the infant Jesus.
by Honey-Squirrel September 9, 2013
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Name of a female that will change your life for the better. she is very kind, friendly, and sweet but doesnt really talk much. she is pretty shy and nervous. DO NOT LET HERE GO. She wont ever talk bad about you.
by Gavin_17_ June 23, 2018
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Myra comes from the Greek tongues and it means innocence and beauty to die for. Myra is the most beautiful and honest person you will ever meet. A Myra always tells the truth and looks good while doing it. A Myra is the sweetest and most gentle being on the planet. If you ever meet a Myra, never let her go. She will always make your day, no matter how hers is going. A Myra is a true friend and a Myra will always love you for who you are.
Yeah, very Myraish!
by loveeveryonetrustnoone August 14, 2010
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Myra: someone hot, sexy and gorgeous. Very sweet and honestly. She will always tell the truth and looks good doing it. When you make me her mad it doesn’t end on good terms. Very sexual person and very good with their tongue
This girl Myra, she’s got my crazy over her”
by Bayley Danton December 15, 2017
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From a Latin word meaning “extraordinary.”
Myra-She is...
by lyricdyanara February 5, 2010
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An awesome gal, full of happiness and cuteness. She's the best companion and full of sass. She's always looking out for number one, even if that's herself. Myra looks for the best in every friend, and is trustful!
Dani: "Have you seen Myra's new selfie?"
Kid: "Heck yeah! She's so sassy!"
by RuinedCloud November 5, 2020
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The best thing since sliced bread. People may see it as: "the coolest thing on the block".
See also Amazing.
My gah! Your ride is straight up Myra.
by Meraha January 3, 2009
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