To ignore, play, or reject someone
Ayanda: Damn. Jamar, Jose, and Jeremiah tryna fuck with you?
Jasmine: Yeah. I’m not messing with none of them fr though
Ayanda: Yikes. You really out here spinning niggas, huh?
by itsjaaassss December 2, 2018
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Deejaying or playing records
"i was spinning some hiphop at the party last night"
by P. Gryphenz June 7, 2003
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Man, i'm spinning
by DJ-Flex January 31, 2009
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New form of group exercise in which a dozen or more people (usually women) sit on indoor stationary bikes together and pedal to the sound of music and the directions of an instructor.
Girl 1: Wanna come to the gym with me and take a spinning class?
Boy 1: Um, I think I'll just go outside and ride my bike, but thanks anyway.

Girl 2: Wanna come to the gym with me and take a spinning class?
Boy 2: Hmm, am I in the mood do some real exercise and lift weights or stare at 20 spandexed girl butts for an hour? Hard decision.....
by creaternity April 18, 2006
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the art, and sport that involves making someone else (the spinnie) to be caused to turn around and look for who may have called them.

widely practiced in depots formally known as ABRO across the UK but mainly in Telford, Shropshire UK.
the highest most respected spin known to man is a 360 spin. meaning that the person has literally looked all the way around for someone who may have called them.

it is mearly a bit of fun that passes the day with amusement.
if you're not spinning, your not working hard enough!!!
classic examples of spinning;
"is this yours!"
"excuse me! is...!"

or anything else that may get the attention of the person you are trying to spin.
other name related spins are applicable. i.e.
"mark!!!" (as mark turns around, turn to your buddy on the opposite side and start having a conversation) " words it is going to rain tonight!"
by stakzent September 5, 2011
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1. To Be DJing
2. When someone has lotsa waves in there hair
yo your head spinning
by Keevis January 23, 2008
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"yo we still spinning that J after work?"
by MattyL September 25, 2007
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