an individual who expresses their ideas by getting involved and taking action...whether it be pro or anti (insert noun here). being activly involved in community and society nomatter what your beliefs.
the antiwar activists and the prowar activsts got into a verbal arguement.
by katy July 28, 2004
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People who care about a certain issue such as animal rights and human rights. They share their beliefs with others and protest when there is the need to do so.
Sherry is an activist for the case of endangered species.
by Alex July 31, 2004
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a rich kid or person who thinks he cares about people, but in a few years he will be making money off of mommy and daddys trust fund money. These people claim they know all about tibet, but don't know what the people in their suburban town are like.

Are often blindly left and focus on stupid issues rather than domestic issues. They often live in gentrified communities and hate anything remotely American. They also hate people who spend money for destroying the world. But they are like everyone else.
"That activist is a revolutionary against mommy and daddys money. He went to college a few months and thinks he knows everything. Yeah right"
by Aoecean December 4, 2006
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my best friend who believes that everyone is equal and women are bad ass and so are men.

we are all awesome
my best friend is an activist.
by little_someone July 7, 2018
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What unemployed adults from middle class families call themselves to feel better about being utter failures. Activists will often have massive student debt, worthless degrees, and live at home with their parents.
"What do you do for a living?"
"Oh, I'm an activist."
by Valkitty July 26, 2017
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The difference between many, if not most activists and pacifists, is an activist would kill in order to look like something other than weak, or passive.
The activist wouldn't suffer the humiliation and shame of being called a pacifist by others, he/she couldn't handle it, so he/she became an activist who appeared to be active and ready at all times instead, and tried to be the persecutor, rather than the persecuted.
by Solid Mantis October 12, 2019
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The worst kind of pacifist, the kind that would kill to prove they're not weak.
The activist would slaughter people before letting them call him/her out on being weak.
by Solid Mantis October 12, 2019
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