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marked by an aristocratic or high-toned manner or style
Back by popular demand is our excursion into exclusive luxury, a trio
of the northeast's toniest resorts.
by Jenn January 17, 2004
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To leave qiuckly; to go
Shit, the cops are coming.. we gotta tork!
K, let's tork.
I'm gunna tork to the store.
by Jenn November 24, 2004
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I am totes sick of working here.
by Jenn February 26, 2003
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Long for "no problem!" (Must be said with an exclamation point.)
"We ordered an extra martini. Will you take it off our hands?"

"Totes on the okes!!"
by Jenn February 26, 2003
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Tree huggers are people who aspire to live in trees for months on end in order to save the trees from being cut down to make room for commercial endeavers by the owners of the property on which the tree(s) are located. Their environmental activism is often funded for by the capitalism of their parents.
Myra is going to live in a tree for six months while her parents pay her student loans and credit card bills. She's such a good little activist.
by Jenn October 21, 2003
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A label given to people who are different from mainstream society, often confused with goths, usually like rock or alternative music (but appreciate any good music), dress as individuals, the males are often into extreme sports. Often very creative, be it musically or artistically. (And you wonder why there are so many good rock bands) They hate scallies, townies, trendies, 'the popular kids', and all of the other materialistic and fake groups.
Scally: "Eeeeeeerr, yer f*ckin trog!"
Trog: "I would rather be a so-called 'trog' than a braindead scally with no life or future, get away from me and go steal from the co-op, or whatever it was you were born to do."
by Jenn December 15, 2003
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1. v. slang : to fuck snort-Australian
2. n. : Eric Franco (may be used in forms such as "snorter" or "old man lover")
Wow, that guy is such a snort...
by Jenn June 18, 2003
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