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A store which has lotta brand name clothing such as TNA, Mavi, Talula, 555 Soul etc.
by Jenn January 9, 2005
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the best tool for smokeing pot
by Jenn May 27, 2003
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People who are assholes but who wear out the word so much you must get creative using hense "assdragon"... also may be substituted with "assdumpling" and/or "asspuppet"
Shut up you friggin assdragon
by Jenn July 5, 2003
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"She was walking around quixotically, without a thought of where she was going."
by Jenn February 6, 2003
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Art is not something for the viewer.
Art is about the viewer,
for art is the experience that
arouses within.
I love her art because it messes with my emotions.
I hate that because it messes with my emotions.

I connect with what he is trying to say in his art.
by Jenn December 2, 2003
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so fucking high you are pretty much dead. Usually comes at the end of the high and results in sleep
no man, im too washed. i got to go home.
by Jenn July 1, 2003
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Derived from the loser people that live in Goulais (a very hick area outside of Sault Ste Marie) it mean to suck. As in to be no good. hick-ish.
That party was so goulais.
Whatever, forget him, he's too goulais.
by Jenn November 24, 2004
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