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A college in New York attended primarily by white, preppy rich kids from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who were popular and social in highschool, making everyone at Marist stuck up and crazy. Located in the sketchy town of Poughkeepsie, commonly called Po-town by Marist students. A Marist student can be identified as a Polo shirt wearing, SUV driving, partier.
Dude, my collar's popped and my ID's fake, let's go to the bar cuz we're Marist students!
by Jenn November 17, 2004

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The spaced- out what the fuck is going on feelin you get the morning after a party where you've been rollin all night.
I am so cracked out... I don't know what to write here.
by Jenn July 25, 2003

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An abbreviation for the Dave Matthews Band. Formed in early 1991, the band consists of Boyd Tinsley, Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, and Leroi Moore. They are staples of the summer concert touring season and are well known among pop and jam band fans alike.
Crash is one of DMB's most well known songs.
by Jenn March 05, 2005

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Short for "totally"
I am totes sick of working here.
by Jenn February 26, 2003

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1. very much like a "slap in the face" but far more foul.

2. getting screwed/dicked over.

3. an insult
first guy: "Dude , she cheated on you with your brother..."
second guy: "that is such a dick in the ass."
by jenn February 02, 2005

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An awesome type of music. sometimes with trumpets, trombones, and/or saxophones! Upbeat, and get to skank to! oh and reggae came from it,not the other way around
The toasters
Reel Big Fish
Mustard Plug
by Jenn August 21, 2003

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(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop
You really shouldn't pry.
by Jenn December 06, 2003

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