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Just wanted to comment the last post.. Hey you fuck, at the beggining I was assuming that you're very smart since you listen to that crap you mentioned... But then I realized that you're not more than a retarded piece of shit..

Reggaeton is not from the us you cunt, thats the reason it's in spanish.. have you ever heard of pto rico? dominican republic? (both of them major sources of reggaeton) .. their language is SPANISH, you ignorant dickhead.

Im possitive sure that girls in the us love going to night clubs just to listen the djs playing intelligent music, just as Dr. Otcagon.. Dipshit...

And what's with reggae history? who the fuck cares about that? i hope you get lung cancer, since you must smoke a lot of weed becouse of your degree and enormous respect and devotion to reggae costums..
Reggaeton = Crazy girls wanting to have sex with you (well, not YOU.. normal people..)

Dr. Otcagon = Girls waiting in line, just crazy to kick the crap out of your not-spic and very pure american ass

Once again, i hope you choke and die..
by ac April 20, 2005
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A very special word that could be considered the "perfect word". This word can be a verb, noun, adverb, ...etc. What makes it so beautiful is that no one has to know whatever it is you're talking about. Can be used with bad or good connotations.
Today was such a balangee day.
You look so balangee today!
I'm gonna balangee you if you don't get out of my face!
by ac January 5, 2005
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the notorious night before Halloween in which the city’s relentless youth run amok in a barbaric fashion
If it's Devils Night yall niggas need to stay indoors
by ac February 28, 2004
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To plan to do something to get someones money, most often by cheating
"And the girls that been scheming, gonna get creamed when I" -- The Gravediggaz
by ac February 5, 2004
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A File sharing program, in which youu download from other people,
by ac February 11, 2004
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