Ring through tongue. Great for making out and giving head. *see "Blow-Job* Used to rub around penis creating a unique sensation.
Do you know how to use that tongue ring?
by Aaron March 28, 2005
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1. The guy above me is retarded. It doesn't hurt at all. It's a little pinch.
2. You get a hole punched in your tongue and you can then put all sorts of little things in there from french ticklers to double ball french ticklers. Serves a valuable purpose in the bedroom whether male or female.
I got a tongue ring. It was just a little pinch and my girlfriend loves it.
by Logan J September 26, 2005
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Something others have to express their artistic nature but I'll always see them as yet another fad people immerse themselves in to be part of the "in crowd" involves paying another individual a sum of money to inflict intense temporary pain. Later you purchase a shinny trinket of some sort to jam in the hole and prove to everyone else how badass you are.
A thin, round piece of gold is one type of tongue ring. This month's identity crisis must have!
by Nathaniel Gawthorne May 29, 2005
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Admission or outright advertisement that you will perform oral sex on just about anyone. If a guy has a tongue ring, a dick has most certainly been in his mouth.
Johnny: Did you hear Trent got his tongue pierced?
Brad: Dude, he's got a tongue ring? I didn't know he went fag.
by GGAllin25 October 17, 2014
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The vibrating tongue ring is a barbell for a tongue piercing that has a vibrator on the top, used for oral sex.
Hey I went to her house last night and I brought my vibrating tongue ring, she was all over!!
by XxMonzterxX December 28, 2019
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