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If you meet a Trent, do not let him go. He will treat you like gold, and want you to feel happy all the time. He is hot, sexy, cute, very well endowed in the lower areas, and caring. He has the most amazing eyes and the sexiest voice. He can get easily aggravated, but has the ability to calm himself down in a matter of minutes. He will be the best thing in your life guaranteed. I have never met a more amazing man, and I want to spend my life with him.
Trent, I love you with all my heart and I can't wait until we get everything situated.
by BabyGirl32413 March 24, 2013
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1)a best friend
2)a nice person
3)a class clown
4)someone who can make you laugh
5)a guy i know
by anamous April 30, 2004
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He is the most amazing person I've ever met. It's hard to find words to describe him. His ability to love someone so much is astonishing. The way he smiles just makes me want to melt away. He gives me butterflies. He is just so right. His voice is indescribable. So perfect, so calming. I can't say his name without smiling. I fall asleep every night thinking about him. Just looking at him makes my heart skip a beat. I love him with everything I have. My whole heart is his. I've never loved anyone so much. He may not believe me when I say that he is my everything.

Trent, I love you. That's as simple as it gets. No words can describe you. This was my sorry attempt to describe how you make me feel. <3
Trent is my everything.

I am in love with Trent.
by kjanonymous April 17, 2011
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Bob: did you hear what Trent said?
Dave: no, but it heard it was completely savage.
by Hobbitssass February 28, 2016
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AmazingπŸ‘Œ cool guy, easy to talk to, funny, and adorable❀️
by Randomfucker December 30, 2014
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Characterized as amazing, sexy, smoldering hotness. He's fine as hell and doesn't even know it.

Everyone wants to be Trent's friend.
Female 1: Wow, check out that sexy piece of hotness over there, he looks like a Trent!

Female 2: (whistles) damn! and look at that sexy booty too! Definitely a Trent!
by libertytothenorth October 09, 2009
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