One of 12 periods in a year. Has 28, 29, 30, or 31 days. Tends to go by rapidly, especially during the summer.
Girl: I'm leaving the country for a month.
Boy: A month?! That's nothing!
by The Cyn July 22, 2010
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when a female is having her menstral cycle
I can't go swimming because I am monthing.
by Anna Dadgari August 26, 2004
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when you are filing many papers by month.
At the office/home office:
Don't bother me now, I am in the middle of monthing.
by Anna Dadgari August 26, 2004
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Pride month
Used to be a great place for LQBTQ+ community, but now its just a place where companies will make money out of it

Also know as maples (WIP.#0001) month as she runs all faggots in the world
" i fucking HATE pride month / fag month man, them faggots need to go!"
by nia! June 4, 2023
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What means 5 years in the eyes of One Direction. It is a space of time, in which a band go on hiatus and lie about how long they will be gone.
“you know one direction went on a hiatus for 18 months?”
yeah i do but i think it will be longer”
by larrystylinson08 April 16, 2020
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It is a way of referring to October often used by kids. Also if you’re searching this up you probably came from Sr Pelo’s channel. If you didn’t, search up “it’s spooky month” on YouTube or just the inter and enjoy.
Guy 1: it is the spooky month!
Guy 2: OH IT IZ!
by Gravity Club March 10, 2021
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2015 : hi guys, we're one direction, will be back after 18 months

2020 : hahaha happy 10th anniversary *changes facebook profile picture*
by boo wrath July 23, 2020
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