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A select group of non-perishable goodies that include, but are not limited to: keychains, figurines, any item bought from a gypsy or dollar store, and shot glasses.
"Can you believe I just paid five euro for this fucking miniature Eiffel Tower from that gypsy?"

"Quit complaining. You can never put a price on a good trinket."
by Illa Tterb April 15, 2010
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Slang word for a beautiful girl. Typically found in Ballyboden slang, where the term originated. Does not refer to the dictionary definition of trinket where an object is of little value, in fact this slang term means the opposite. A fucking real treat of a girl
Seamus scored an absolute TRINKET last night! She's a ride.
by peedi January 19, 2013
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A trinket is basically the feminine word for a 'tool'. The dictionary definition of a trinket is "cheap, showy jewelry", which is the same way you can describe a girl. A trinket is a girl who's just arm candy. She's hot and she knows it. But often, she doesn't have much else going on for her besides her looks. Usually a ditzy girl, she's the flirt of the party wearing the skimpy clothes catching the attention but for all the wrong reasons.

Trinkets are often easy.
Did you see Tara? She's such a trinket with her fake tan and fake nails, trying to fit in with all the guys. She's just arm candy, nobody would really take her home to meet the parents.

"Did you see what that girl was wearing? She's barely leaving anything to the imagination. Not to mention, she's so ditzy, she didn't even understand the jokes people were saying"
"Yea, she's quite the trinket"
by dollamakesmeholla September 16, 2012
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Slang for a steriotypical asian currency. Used primarily as satire when exchanging or refering to money.
Dude, I gave the lady running the doughnut shop 10 dollars and she gave me 32 trinkets back???

What's the trinket exchange rate today for Gatorade shinobisan?

Ten thousan trinket(s)!!!
by Jihamed April 06, 2009
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In World of Warcraft, a trinket is the most k-rad piece of pwnage gear you can toss in a slot. Trinkets do not take damage from combat and death and will land you extra PvP gankage.

Also occasionally means some hot bitch that rides your jockstrap in public because you don't want cholos to think you're a straight up choad-smoker homo queer.
j00 just see me run into that lame group of n00b Alliance and smack my Essence Of Eranikus trinket for ultimate pwnage? BAMSHAKALAKA!

That girl with me's just a trinket, lemme get some of your one-eyed wonder weasel now that we're alone, dude.
by GothYena September 29, 2005
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A small fart/poop, usually in the form of a brownish-liquid
Bob: Hold on a second.

(disqusting thing happpens)
Shane: Bob, stop making trinkets!
by TrinketMaker47 June 23, 2011
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1. A very good looking women, who is respected by friends (particularly your boys) who is having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis

2. Someone you can have sex or get with, without being looked down upon for

3. Sexy slut


Barry Vargus while living in the Salvation Army in Saugus, MA
may he rest in peace
"Come here Jen, turn around for me you little trinket."
by IggyA April 09, 2009
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