Term used most commonly in Canada and the northern region of Minnesota, specifically the iron range, as a short, alternate word for an unofficial game of hockey played outdoors on a flooded, home-made rink or a frozen body of water such as a pond or lake.
Grab your skates and stick, there's a game of shinny out on the pond!
by Arnie on Ice March 16, 2008
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Shinny - another word for a leg kick/shin kick. Commonly used in hoodlum areas of New Zealand such as Albany, Auckland.
First person "Oi cunt chuck us your side bag or I'll give you a shinny"
Second person "Jak sorry ko, Just take my shmang instead."
by TheFarkenUce October 12, 2020
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a game popularized on blustery Saturday afternoons on the ponds of Laval. Shinny is a hockey-like game played with brooms, broken hockey sticks, and hunks of things that you can hit around till the bars open a midi.
un Joual: L'usine s'est fermée.
des autres Joual: Bon! nous avons plus de temps pour jouer à la shinny maintenant.
by T-Dog Jenkins June 28, 2004
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short for shindig, a festive gathering of people
hey man, i'm havin a shinny at my place this friday, two kegs, bring some ladies.
by douglas esquire fresh October 8, 2003
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Playing hockey on a rink without skates.
Hockey Night in Canada's over, let go play some shinny.
by Jeff the Skid September 25, 2003
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Kinnies of Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion (nge), usually sad little losers that no one likes.
person1: omg I hate myself and everyone hates me :((
person2: stfu u are such a shinnie
by August 14, 2021
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A slur used against "humans" who kins Shinji ikari.
Shinnie: I kin shinji.
Person: oh you shinnie!
by Kelrokel July 26, 2021
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