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Term used most commonly in Canada and the northern region of Minnesota, specifically the iron range, as a short, alternate word for an unofficial game of hockey played outdoors on a flooded, home-made rink or a frozen body of water such as a pond or lake.
Grab your skates and stick, there's a game of shinny out on the pond!
by Arnie on Ice March 16, 2008
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A Canadian/American term that was originated in Canada, meaning a game of hockey played on a backyard rink or a flooded, frozen pond. The game is played with only sticks, skates and sometimes gloves. Shinny is the best part of winter. And let's be honest, which hockey player doesn't love a text from a mate saying "wanna play some shinny?"
*sitting at home bored*
*text from nick*
Nick: "Wanna play shinny at the pond?"
Me: "Hell yeah I got the pucks meet u there in 5."
by jason906906 August 30, 2014
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Shingaurds used in Football (soccer if you live in the US), as said by a very british official. Usually used in conjunction with other british phraises. Prominently featured in the Schwann's USA cup.
Ref: Alright, lets check your shinnies lads. Pop up a boot and let me mind it.
Player: That is a bomb accent you got there
by Bloodysoul June 05, 2009
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a game popularized on blustery Saturday afternoons on the ponds of Laval. Shinny is a hockey-like game played with brooms, broken hockey sticks, and hunks of things that you can hit around till the bars open a midi.
un Joual: L'usine s'est fermée.
des autres Joual: Bon! nous avons plus de temps pour jouer à la shinny maintenant.
by T-Dog Jenkins June 27, 2004
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short for shindig, a festive gathering of people
hey man, i'm havin a shinny at my place this friday, two kegs, bring some ladies.
by douglas esquire fresh October 08, 2003
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An std contracted on the region of skin below the knees and above the ankles. It is contracted through physical contact with sand, said to be from the Asian region of the world, not including UNSW.
by jadjkadjhajldhada dadaa October 24, 2009
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Playing hockey on a rink without skates.
Hockey Night in Canada's over, let go play some shinny.
by Jeff the Skid September 24, 2003
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