4 definitions by XxMonzterxX

A response my dad HATES hearing and claims I’m talking back when I use it
Dad: how do you do this?
Me: I don’t know
by XxMonzterxX December 28, 2019
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The vibrating tongue ring is a barbell for a tongue piercing that has a vibrator on the top, used for oral sex.
Hey I went to her house last night and I brought my vibrating tongue ring, she was all over!!
by XxMonzterxX December 28, 2019
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A complete whore. Destiny will fuck with anyone she wants, she doesn’t care if it’s her “bestfriends” man. She’s a bitch and doesn’t deserve anything besides Chlamydia and AIDS. Fuck you Destiny🖕🏻
Did you hear that Destiny has Herpes??
Yea, but I already knew that from when she slept with my sisters man
Weren't they best friend?
Yea, Destiny is just a whore
by XxMonzterxX January 16, 2020
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A simple sex position that can be used for anal or vaginal sex🤷 ♀️
I went to his house last night and we had a quickey doggy style
by XxMonzterxX December 28, 2019
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