To steal a small amount of Marijuana from someone elses bag.
"I'm gonna pinch a bud out of the bag while he's in the bathroom."
by BattlesOddjob June 10, 2004
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Refers specifically to eviction from rented residential property for failing to pay rent.

Occasionally, landlords will warn their tenants who are behind on rent with this euphemistic term.
The landlord is going to "pinch" the tenant for not paying rent.

During the recession, lots of people cannot afford their rent, so they are being "pinched."

He is behind on his rent; therefore, he is facing "pinching."

According to some interpretations, the song "Pinch Me" by the "Barenaked Ladies" uses this term with this meaning. The narrarator is unemployed and cannot pay his rent, and he is resigning himself to his inevitable fate of homelessness.
by Bed Time November 29, 2009
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Grabbing chewing tabacco with your thumb and index finger and putting it in your mouth.
by Anonymous May 2, 2003
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The act of prolonging a bowell movement by flexing the sphincter muscle. Sometimes the pinch is not administered in time which leads to a head of feces protruding resembling a turltes head; making an unpleasant mark in the undergarments and resulting in a foul odor.
I had to leave the party because of a bad pinch.
by JAZ October 14, 2004
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To take your fingers, usually the thumb and pointer finger, and grab at a small place on the skin to cause a sharp but brief pain in that area. Can be done on yourself or to someone else to tease or to get their attention.
I didn't know if I was awake so I pinched myself!
by ErynLee January 8, 2009
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