A straight, curved or circular piece of metal used as jewlery for piercings. Has a ball on each end that screws into the shaft. Can be made of stainless steel, titanium or niobium. Sometimes acrylic plastics are used. The different shapes often get stupid nicknames, such as belly "ring" (a curved barbell); horseshoe (circular barbell) or tounge "ring" or "stud" (a straight barbell). See also cbr.
"A 14g circular barbell"
by Shinku February 15, 2004
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A straight, W-shaped or slightly curved bar approximately between 4' and 8' in length that has cast iron or cement-filled plastic weights at either end, and used moved to increase strength in a great deal of movements. A free weight.
Bicep curls, benchpresses, militar presses, tricep curls or any other two handed movement where both arms move in the same direction.
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
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I shoved the barbell in my cats balloon knot while anal grease gushed everywhere. All the while the cat was using my coin purse as a scratching post. It was the best thing since sliced bread.
by DShannon July 22, 2008
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A person who scavages the remains of an unwanted drunken woman left at the bar. Often large in size, this woman is passed up on by every other person or thing in the bar. The name derives from the carp-like fish called the Barbel which usuualy follows a submerged hippopotamus and feeds on his feces.
Brian Hailstock is a Barbel
by pencil12345 May 11, 2009
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The state of being over-addicted to using barbells. you use em the gym ,,use em in your house and almost everywhere.,, so this may means that you are a bodybuider or hobbyist of this sport but what are you are focusing on the most in the gym are just barbells,,, training shoulders,triceps,,biceps,,hams just by using barbells and for instance getting some dumbells,,cables or machines to do the work,, so you are basically a barbell user junkie
barbelling is useful in the sport of bodybuilding,,however you need to use other sports equpiments to make more precise and focus workouts..
by Joseph...M September 8, 2010
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Beautiful and Badass mommy that lifts weights

Fashionable, Fit and fierce

Check out the delts on that beautiful muscle hen
How can she be so beautiful and so strong? She's a barbell barbie
by Big Poppa Savage July 30, 2023
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(n). 1. A woman with muscles so huge at the gym that it looks like someone put a girl's head on a man's body.

2. any girl or woman at the gym who primarily lifts weights but does nothing else like running or aerobics.
In the free weight corner, lifting 30 lb. dumbells, was an oversized barbell bitch.
by boggler July 24, 2005
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