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Traditionally used to denote a very small circular bald spot in the back of a mans head that is surrounded by dense hair and resembles a feline anus.
Johnny: Dude did you see Jesses cats ass?

Brad: Ya man, he needs to go to the Hair Club for Men and have that thing plugged.
by GGAllin25 October 16, 2014
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The alternative definition to "cats ass" as indicating something quintessentially cool. In this definition, cats ass is used to denote a small circular bald spot on the back of a mans head that is surrounded by dense hair and thus resembles a felines anus. The term can also be used to indicate any small circular void of something that was previously present and now missing, as long as it resembles it's namesake - a kitties butthole (e.g., a small round patch of dead grass in an otherwise healthy lawn). But let's be honest , its best used to harass your balding friends.
Johnny: Dude, did you see that tiny bald spot on the back of Jesses head?
Muldoon: I know dude! He's only 19 years old and already has a cats ass. Time to call Bosely.
by GGAllin25 September 04, 2017
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This term is typically used in a state of panic to downplay the significance of oral sex. A combination of the words "just" and "oral," it is probably most often used by men who are unexpectedly confronted by accusations of infidelity by their significant others. However, the term was first coined by a pedophile on the television show To Catch a Predator.
Chris Hansen: What are your intentions with this 12 year old girl?
Baldbeaverhunter: Joral

Girlfriend: Did you fuck that slut?
Boyfriend: I, uh, joral
by GGAllin25 October 16, 2014
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Admission or outright advertisement that you will perform oral sex on just about anyone. If a guy has a tongue ring, a dick has most certainly been in his mouth.
Johnny: Did you hear Trent got his tongue pierced?
Brad: Dude, he's got a tongue ring? I didn't know he went fag.
by GGAllin25 October 17, 2014
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