An impliment for removing skid marks from the toilet bowl. Manufacturers tend to stick to the retarded notion that it should be white.
Bill: I used the toilet brush the other day because I know you hate a messy bowl.
Anne: I know. I had to use your toothbrush to get the dried shit off the white bristles.
by Joshua James October 18, 2006
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A term used to describe a very thin girl with lots of pubic hair.
Although I prefer girls who shave, I still will occasionally fuck a toilet brush.
by friskycurtain December 20, 2011
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A device typically used to brush off haters. Usually used after one has dipped their hair in the toilet and proceeded to whip it back and forth.
When she came out the bathroom with her hair dripping wet but her clothes still on, we knew she had been brushing off the haters with her toilet brush.
by WOOT!!!!!!!!!! January 5, 2011
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A brush used for breaking large faeces, separating (or getting covered in) spunk and pushing rubbish down in a toilet.
"Dude, I owned you with my toilet brush!"
by Soiled Undergarment July 11, 2003
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Deliberately giving your partner a STD
Toilet brushing.

"Hey Dan I toilet brushed your GF last night"

'That's ok, I toilet brushed her the night before'
by lostlast December 30, 2011
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A term given to the lesser class of citizen who bleech their hair,then spike it (usally at half an inch in length) using a very cheap 'wet gel'.

Its a term that explains itself if one trys to imagine somebody wit short hair putting their head down a toilet that is filled with bleech.The term then refers to what they look like when they take their head out.

A:That guy is such a nOOb!!
B:What guy???
A:Toilet brush over there *points*
B:Oh ya,i agree!!!
by W-Axl April 2, 2007
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Technique of philosophical discourse wherein the most obvious and simple explanation must be pointedly ignored to allow discussion of weak and immediately falsifiable alternatives. Used primarily to draw out a discussion with minimal danger of actually reaching a resolution.
"Maybe I'm overthinking this. Maybe I'm not transgendered. Maybe it's just internalized misogyny. Maybe I'm really a self-hating lesbian."
"Yeah, that you've been miserable all your life unless when identifying as male isn't worth considering. Dude, you're totally using Occam's Toilet Brush."
by CaptainScorpio December 7, 2007
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