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When fat chick face grinds you so hard that she urinates.
Cass tells Rach... "I face grinded Dan so hard last night, I box jellyfished him"

Rach "That'll teach him for toilet brushing you!"
by lostlast December 17, 2011
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Deliberately giving your partner a STD
Toilet brushing.

"Hey Dan I toilet brushed your GF last night"

'That's ok, I toilet brushed her the night before'
by lostlast December 30, 2011
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The standard 'model' vagina. Has nothing going on but a slit. Looks like it sucked on a lemon.
Dan - I'm getting so tired of seeing pictures of naked models with boring slit vagina's. Where are all the hot chicks with ham wallets?

Chris - You and me both. They've all got a bad case of lemon vag.
by lostlast February 22, 2012
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