The maximum number of pixels that can be displayed on a monitor, and a measurement for e-penis size.
A: I'm playing counter-strike on 1024x768 resolution.
B: LOL! NOOB I'M USING 1600x1200!
by JyL. September 4, 2005
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Extra-syllabic version of the word resolved. Rarely used outside of military, logistical circles.
by FAOdude September 17, 2014
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What happens when you find that you New Years resolution is out of reach and you quickly change it to avoid disappointment and self loathing.
Jerry: I want to lose 50 pounds by Febuary.

Kerry: You might want to consider a New Years resolution resolution.
by CITR96 December 26, 2011
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the rush of people who swarm the gym, and other excersise places, in the weeks after new years. usually subsides quickly
the gym's got the resolution rush, but will be clear by valentine's
by speedworxs February 2, 2008
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The list that you make at the beginning of the new year right before you go back to school or work of the the things that you want to accomplish that year. "This year will be different!", you think as you put the list in your bedside drawer and go out to runs some errands.

Six months later, you find the list again during spring cleaning and discover that you haven't done a single thing on that f*cking list!!! You crumple the list up and throw it away, realizing again how crappy your life is....
SOB!!! I haven't done anything on this f*cking resolution list! Screw it, I'm going to the bar...

AGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! This list is the epitemy of my worthlessness.
by raichupal January 5, 2011
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When drunk you start to have doubts and regrets, you decide you wont drink so much again, or you will start dieting/exercising these resolutions feel like new years until you wake up the next day and either have forgotten about them or give up on them.
Bill: Man I'm totally getting up early tomorrow and hitting the gym!

Next day Bill wakes up at noon and eats leftover pizza and watches TV and realizes hes made yet another drunk resolution
by Danthor March 22, 2009
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