A place to sit and think. Also a good place to take a plop.
I'm going to go to the toilet and figure this out.
by Frogbutt December 1, 2004
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A place where history is made
by An asshole named james June 2, 2017
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(Verb) to ride a baby gorilla while doing tik tok dances, eating mac & cheese, and fighting space aliens.
Person: Bro I cant wait to Toilet today!
by Danny DeVito's Eyelash November 7, 2022
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It eats your poop.
I took a crap on the toilet and the toilet ate it
by whereisyourboy4 November 4, 2009
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A Holy shrine that will take whatever you throw at it. A golden seat of relief.
Guy 1: Dude where were you last night? I thought we were going to hang out?

Guy 2: Sorry man, I was on the toilet , giving it my dinner from last night, I think I partied too hard.

Guy 1: I hear ya, I think my shrine is calling.
by Jo-Bro December 8, 2010
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an incredibly difficult target to make when your drunk
i was so hammered last night, i completly missed the toilet
by Magashi April 23, 2009
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A very scary place where even the bravest shit themselves.

Also, a place where you can read newspapers.
"I am the <insert superhero name here>. I am the bravest man/thing in the world. Btw, what's this place??? Oh no!! Toilet!!! Gotta take a shit."

"Damn wife, I can't even read the newspapers in peace."
by Slunjan July 18, 2008
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