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An outlet you need to bitch about your mean bosses and office jerks or bitches on your cell phone to your spouse, lover, or friend, besides answering nature's call.
The toilet is a sanctuary of choice for multitasking: shitting and SMSing and scribbling aha! ideas on toilet paper.
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by MathPlus April 11, 2017
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n. 1. The system of depositing one's feces invented by Mr. Crapper himself when one day his wife got sick of him taking dumps in the kitchen sink.

synonyms-latrine, crapper, lavatory, john, the can, the pot, stool, throne, potty, commode
Seymour likes to drink out of the toilet.
by Seymour Butz March 27, 2003
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A Holy shrine that will take whatever you throw at it. A golden seat of relief.
Guy 1: Dude where were you last night? I thought we were going to hang out?

Guy 2: Sorry man, I was on the toilet , giving it my dinner from last night, I think I partied too hard.

Guy 1: I hear ya, I think my shrine is calling.
by Jo-Bro December 08, 2010
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Its a sanctuary where you take a shit Sometimes you may piss or even upchuck... Human waste goes here.
Cassandra uses the toilet quite often.
by Jazmo February 26, 2006
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