an alternative way of politely asking someone to fuck off. it is more funny to use in conversation as not many people say it.
"mum can i have some money to pay for anal sex after school?" mum replies "shit off!"
by McSquigan May 6, 2007
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same as saying fuck off but better
You say it to someone if they're bein a berk
Rv - "Hello Charlie"
Kirst - "Shit off Charlie, you berk"
by i'm a cockney February 6, 2009
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a word used to offend people who point out grammatical spelling areas on graffiti on a bus window
it's supposed to have an apostrophe in it

by bill the troll November 24, 2004
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Shit off originates from the ancient tribal island of Poon, where small creatures known as Poons, spoke in the forgotten language of Poonish. These creatures were very harsh little creatures, and the most common word or phrase they said was "Shit off", meaning to fuck off, in a nicer way.
Shit off you poon
Shit off ya ragamuff
I don't want you here, so Shit off.
by King Poon June 6, 2004
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think of sit off then make it shit off
a lesson that is boring but not much work is done
Sam: isnt Art a sit off?
Liam: na,i hate drawing,its shit
Sam: so its a shit off for you?
Liam: Yeah
by Sam Humphreys June 5, 2006
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It means the same as pissed off but with much more severity.
Jack was, pissed shitted off that some true-blue total asshaberdasher had kicked the urinal off the wall and then smashed it to bits with a hammer, knowing full well that it will be months before Jack can afford to have it replaced!
by Telephony September 7, 2019
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