The most impossibly counter comeback. It is a response to everything and nothing.
You neither agree, nor disagree.. it is such a beauty.
Joe: Go f*ck yourself
You: Occasionally

Ted: Lick my balls
You: Occasionally

Sue: God you're such a fag
You: Occasionally

Boss: You're fired!
You: Occasionally
by Haywood Jablome April 15, 2005
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Basically, it's furniture that is used all the fucking while.
Wife: Hey honey shall we use the occasional furniture table tonight for dinner?

Husband: You mean that table we've used every night since we got it?
by ShittierJokes November 15, 2017
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That guy you occasionally do ordinary couple things with but turn it into a full blown sexcapade. It is a level above friends with benefits, is a little more involved, but still requires some of the basic rules of engagement, such as not over sharing personal information that would lead to emotional attachment.

Gift giving, remembering certain dates and holidays not required.
I went to go eat dinner with Jack last night where he then fingered me under the table. I gave him a blow job at the movie theater. At my place we screwed like animals before retreating into cuddling position for the night. I'll be going half way across the globe tomorrow, but that's okay. He's my occasional boyfriend, not a real one.
by Wasabi9494 February 24, 2014
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Is a paradox that you can use to confuse people of the frequency at which anything can happen.
For example: “That girl down there is a single mother who smokes weed very occasionally”.
by Cultivationofthewildwoman April 6, 2018
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a person who smokes cannabis from time to time, usually spanning from 2 weeks to a month or more. They are not to be confused with "pot heads" who smoke alot more. Occasional smokers usually have no problems remembering that many things, but can be forgetful sometimes, they are usually laid back and easy to talk to, you'd never know they smoke pot! They also seem to function well and take care of responsibilities and pot is not always on the top of their to-do list.
ex. Whoa! I didn't even know you smoked man! Your like all succesfull and stuff! Your definitley an Occasional Smoker man!
by MiTE GiAk March 27, 2008
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Someone to have consistent, yet occasional relations with. While similar to a friend with benefits this sometimes-relationship goes beyond sex, would include occasional dates without the commitment and strings of a full-on relationship.
Single girl seeking occasional other.

My occasional other stayed over last night.
by Elle&Bee October 5, 2010
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One who only goes to church sporadically, normally for special occasions.
John: Great Easter service, will you come back again next week?
Tim: No, I probably won't be back until Christmas, I'm an occasional christian
by Butt Hertz September 7, 2017
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