A line of fecal matter in your underwear that varies in thickness from thin to meaty. Usually a result of poor asswiping skills.
"Hey Greg! Check out these skid marks on grandma's panties!"
by Tizzle Foshizzle ©2002 February 25, 2004
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The lines of poop that are left on the toilet after one flushes and are very hard to clean out.
"Dude, this guy took the biggest crap so I flushed the toilet and their were skid marks left behind!"
"Nasty, dude!"
by rangerstilidie1872 December 5, 2013
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1. burned rubber marks left by tires peeling out

2. the thin brown line in your undies, especially tightie-whities, caused by insufficient wiping
Your skid marks and itchy butt don't just happen kids. You need to wipe better. Don't wipe your heiny with your underpants!
by Mandingoh November 29, 2004
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Shit stains left on the butt area of the underwear.Do to a wet fart,diarrhea,or an incomplete wiping of the butthole after defecation.
The skid marks left on Bob's underwear annoyed Mary who was doing the laundry.
by MmmmdoubleuW May 27, 2015
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used to describe the brown marks in unwashed tightey whiteys belonging to someone who just couldnt hold it. or, alternatively, they had an all day wedgie.
Dude! Check out those skid marks! Dad must've had Mexican for lunch today.
by zappafreak May 24, 2004
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1. burnt rubber marks left on tarmac when peeling out with a fast, powerful car
2. poo stains left on underwear when ass is not properly wiped hershey highway
1. That porsche left skid marks on the road.
2. I was taking a shower and noticed skid marks on my underwear.
by Jin Kim April 25, 2003
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Lines that ur anus crack leaves in ur undies or on things one might sit upon.
Skid Marks in ur undies: Usually smelly poopie turd. May vary in color.

Skid Marks on things u sit on: Could be blood from women who sit on the seat cover while they are on the rag, can also be poopie turd.
by XratedMaiden December 5, 2002
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