1. To ignore someone, sometimes completely and regard the individual as petty or insignificant

2. The act of standing someone up either by ignoring their phone calls, not returning their calls, or failing to meet social arrangements with the person due to being too busy for the person, lack of interest in the person, or the need to just be left alone.
1. Ever since Jessica found a new boyfriend she's been brushing off her ex, Tony.

2. Mike continued to brush off the unattractive girl that kept trying to study with him.
by kniles101701 May 16, 2008
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A move performed by a Bianca, in which they turn their head in a quick manner and ignore the existence of another person. Can also be defined as rejection or dismissal of someone by treating them as unimportant.
1. I thought I was doing really well with this girl I met at the bar, but then she gave me the Bianca Brush-Off


Guy - What did you say to that girl?
Guy 2 - Nothing, I just gave her the Bianca Brush-Off
by Ip_Dan January 2, 2019
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When you purchase a product from BestBuy with their technology experts and their extended warranty and try to get them to replace the product because there is an issue with it. They then proceed to tell you that they cant do that or that the product is broke because of you. You proceed to go up the chain to find out some punk 17 year old kid is the manager and that he doesn't even know what the extended warranty says.
Eric: Hey, Tom I heard your stereo amp blew in your truck, did Best Buy fix it for you?
Tom: NO! The manager told me I bought the wrong amp for my system...
Eric: Didn't THEY tell you what to buy to go with your stuff?
Tom: Yea...
Eric: Dude you just were a victim of the "Bestbuy Brush-Off"
by DaRth79 November 11, 2009
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A friend who makes plans with you but then brushes you off last minite for a better friend or to wash his car. Describes George Mihas to a tee.
Sorry I didn't come for drinks last night but I started washing my car and then I decided to wax it. I guess we will have to make it another night. Sorry.. I guess i really am a brush off princess (BOP)
by GMGK July 28, 2009
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when you are having a conversation with a friend and then a hater comes and just starts talking shit and trys to man up and then we tell that person shit and he just brushes it off with a luagh
Me and Selso were talking in a low voice during a movie and mikey and lalis were making a racket and jr. looks at us and tells us to shut the fuck up and selso tells him shit and he just pulls the brush it off move
by Grizzly D.$.R September 3, 2008
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1)"The Brush" can be used in many different occasions. Basically any occasion where you feel like "It aint no thing".
2) The Brush is used as a symbol of "Trying to forget" or "forgotten"
1)"I got action from 4 different girls this weekend!" * Brushes shoulder *

2)"Yo I Just broke up with my girlfriend last night" * Brushes shoulders off *
by S-Dub June 2, 2004
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Choosing to take a less confrontational path in the face of hate and adversity.
Instead of instigating a violent meeting Matt brushed his shoulders off and walked away.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
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