When you run from someone or something.
Created By Henry
The kid dipped away from the house when they where ding-dong-ditching.
by Hank J. White October 25, 2012
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1.To leave physically in any situation (most likely really fast to get away)
2.To run/get away from something
1 & 2. After seeing one run away really fast: "Man, he/she DIPPED!"

Can also be used as: "He/she 'dipped out!'"
by DireWolf September 4, 2006
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Dressed really nice; fashionable, early 90's
man, that dude is dipped fo sure!
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
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Guy 1:Man, who through this ice back of my shirt.
Guy 2:I tell you who, but he already dipped.
by BHM1250 November 23, 2009
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1) To steal something on the sly.
2) To leave.
3) To get on someone.
4) To put something in something else, briefly.

Dipped can be used in almost any context for any word and can ALWAYS be understood.
1) "When he wasn't looking, I dipped his wallet''
2) ''The party was shit, so I dipped off''
3) ''He's so sexy. Gonna dip on thaaaat ;)''

4) ''I dipped my chip in your sauce. Tasted goooood''

''I went and dipped on your mom last night. She was shit, so I dipped all her money and dipped off out of there fast''
by Helloyou;) October 29, 2009
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Describes your high when you take any kind of downers, depressants, or muscle relaxants. Usally a feeling of well being very relaxed.
Dirty D I just smoked a 40 of oxycotin I'm too dipped to drive home
by Curley Hutto June 22, 2006
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fucked up, off weed, drink, thizz, whatever
i'm dipped when they see me
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