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Wannabe BBC. But with better drama.
"Dude, let's watch ITV."
by Soiled Undergarment August 14, 2003
Genetically he may be a dog, but Dogbert is no man's best friend. He treats people with disdain, reserving special contempt for Dilbert, who's no master--or match--for Dogbert. (Although he wouldn't admit it, if push came to shove, he'd protect the bumbler. And never let him forget it).

His not-so-secret ambition is to conquer the world and enslave all humans. He anointed himself St. Dogbert, and as such takes special delight in exorcising the demons of stupidity.
We're very fortunate to be living in the time of Dogbert.
by Soiled Undergarment January 22, 2004
1) An oxymoron.
2) A term for a condom.
"Dude, I need some safe sex with some girl."
"You know the SAFE part isn't going to happen, right?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
1) A group of people having sex at the same time.
2) Short for orgasm.
"Dude, let's go to the orgy."
"Dude, I had an orgy."
by Soiled Undergarment July 15, 2003
1) A derogatory term for a group of people.
2) A group of masturbators.
"Cardio obviously got too carried away with his definition of bunch of wankers."
by Soiled Undergarment August 19, 2003
A specially equipped vehicle used to transport the sick or injured.
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003