To be thrown into the ground with significant force and impact. Common in combat sports such as Judo, Wrestling and MMA. Often involves the thrower falling on top of his/her opponent, resulting in a more severe impact.

Without the protection of mats, planting your opponent can often result in serious injury and death, and is often a fight-ending move.

Harai Goshi and O Soto Gari are common judo techniques that can be used to plant somebody.
He couldn't stand up for 5 minutes after getting PLANTED! He should not have agreed to fight with a Judoka.
by 69cuntdestroyer February 25, 2018
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an agent of misinformation, placed in a group to deceive, distract, or provoke
That man who keeps starting drama, seemingly for no reason, is suspect of being a plant.
by truthypants November 12, 2011
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Plants are organisms that farm humans, giving them oxygen until they eventually die and then they use the humans bodies as their food/fertilizer
Human 1: this plants looks beautiful
Human 2: I don't trust plants for some reason
by Mask of the Shadow February 16, 2017
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A word used to describe the smell of a plant filled area usually used by intellectuals and the mark lee himself
by Johnny’s coffee July 10, 2020
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1. A male or female that does not have sexual ambitions. 2. The person standing at the corner of a bar not socializing. 3. Asexual
That fool over dar doesn't hit on da bitchez, he hasn't had a piece in years. He's a plant.
by no dozin August 29, 2010
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An indigenous, hardworking people that originate from the tundra-area in very very VERY upstate NY. Borderline Canada. They populate a house nearby a res, and are sometimes referred to as "white people from land across water." can be found at the local high school, coaching/working in the library/substitute teaching. the females are very much like bulldogs; they are loyal until you turn on them, whence they will strike. the men are jerks; they play and coach hockey and are obsessed with weight. the alpha female travels back and forth from long island to care for the elders. The junior female attends russell sage college and rarely attends class...especially chemistry.
that plante girl is crazy. she wore a grill in the dance ensemble show.
by emilysaurus rex April 13, 2007
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that green shit yo momma be waterin
go water that plant yah negrah!
by bbc August 26, 2003
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