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an agent of misinformation, placed in a group to deceive, distract, or provoke
That man who keeps starting drama, seemingly for no reason, is suspect of being a plant.
by truthypants November 12, 2011
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1. A male or female that does not have sexual ambitions. 2. The person standing at the corner of a bar not socializing. 3. Asexual
That fool over dar doesn't hit on da bitchez, he hasn't had a piece in years. He's a plant.
by no dozin August 29, 2010
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A term referring to an asexual or celibate person, particularly in a derogatory context, derived from the asexual reproduction methods of plants.
Person 1: Oliver, why did you refuse to speak to your partner for the whole lesson?

Person 2: Because he fancies her...

Person 3: interjection Don't be ridiculous! Oliver's incapable of fancying anyone, he's a plant!
by FactFinder May 04, 2014
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Used in the entertainment business, when someone accomplish something with a "help" or a "connection" with someone from the inside.
"The reason he won that contest, was because he was a plant."
by Gillima April 16, 2008
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A movie critic; one who is paid off from a major movie studio to give a fake positive fluff review. Sometimes the said "critic" doesn't even exist at all, and is just a fake name with a fake quote. Studios use this tactic as damage control for a potential flop.
"The 3% of critics who gave positive reviews for Battlefield Earth on Rotten Tomatoes definitely had to be plants from Warner Bros. studios. No one could ever voluntarily praise that movie without being bribed. "
by Dr Claw April 24, 2008
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1: V. To place incriminating evidence in a place likely to be found by the authorities.

2: N. A green organism, often leafy, popular for its ability to turn poisonous gasses into the popular hallucinagen, oxygen. These blobs of cells are well known for causing rashes, indegestion, death, and putting holes through the feet of unwary hikers. They are to be watched carefully for signs of rebellion.
Wanting to break my coke addiction and put an innocent man in jail for shits and giggles, I decided to plant seventeen kilos of my stash in in a stranger's house and call the police from a payphone.
by Shuffle September 13, 2005
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