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To be thrown into the ground with significant force and impact. Common in combat sports such as Judo, Wrestling and MMA. Often involves the thrower falling on top of his/her opponent, resulting in a more severe impact.

Without the protection of mats, planting your opponent can often result in serious injury and death, and is often a fight-ending move.

Harai Goshi and O Soto Gari are common judo techniques that can be used to plant somebody.
He couldn't stand up for 5 minutes after getting PLANTED! He should not have agreed to fight with a Judoka.
by 69cuntdestroyer February 25, 2018
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to be high on trees (weed!)
"Let's get planted tomorrow before school!"


"Shit nigga I'm so fuckin planted right now, those were some good trees."
by jewstein September 01, 2007
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When someone gets beat up so bad they can't get off the ground or they are knocked out.

Taken to the ground hard and fast.
Did you that quaterback get planted?
by Ryan Robertson March 07, 2005
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The completion of a difficult move or action that was accomplished with style and authority.
bouldering or climbing: "that dyno was planted"
MTBing: "your planted that landing"
by TimdOwen September 10, 2006
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