When you eat a cake from the store with green icing you get to shit a green shit
OMG! I just shit a green shit!
by CcapriciousS November 17, 2016
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Go eat alot of green Vegs, Green Fruit, and Green Icing. Take a shit n tell me wat u c.
Wow, my shit is green
by Mic August 5, 2004
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A football team in the NFC composed of men who eat and shit green cheese. They also partake in man-on-man anal sodomy, resulting in the forcing of green shit in the rectal vault backwards into the sigmoid colon. The combination of eating cheese and having one's shit packed leads to severe constipation.
The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to destroy the Green Shit Packers in Super Bowl XLV!!!
by Dr. Deviance January 24, 2011
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A phrase commonly used in World of Warcraft to tell players to avoid spells (like poison clouds, rain of fire, tail sweep and similar) that often deals massive damage to players and thus can cause a wipe.

This phrase apply to all kinds of harmful spells, even if they're not coloured green or coloured at all.
Encounter example:
The early boss Grobbulus in the raid-instance Naxxramas in WoW have the ability to put out green poison clouds under him. If the raidmembers stand in it they will die because of the damage.

Phrase example:
The raidleader have been explaining the tactics and ends with: "And don't stand in green shit."
by anhility May 23, 2009
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The shittiest, most ugliest shade of green someone could ever imagine.

Also known as Bronze Green.

A good example (altough a bit too grey) would be de shade #45483d in hex code
John: Yo I heard Teo painted their office shit green, it's god awful!
by YourLocalImouto May 22, 2020
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n. A rejected crayola crayon color that was replaced with "Asparagus".
My friend's 1988 lime green Honda Civic is now baby shit green.
by Gjelstiznles August 2, 2006
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A statement of entusiastic surprise and delight.
"If George Bush manages to keep from bankrupting this country, I'll shit green apples."
by Roger DeCoster September 13, 2005
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