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Archaic adverb meaning "from where" or "from what source." Anyone who uses this term seriously is either affected or was born two hundred years ago.

Saying "from whence" is redundant, as "whence," on its own, already means "from where." Anyone who says "from whence" is an arrogant moron.
A: Whence did you come this fine morning?
B: The cherry orchard is whence I came.
A: Splendid!
B: Indubitably!
by Gus March 12, 2005
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A broader use of the word whence meaning when and where. In some instances it is useful to use the word β€˜from’ with whence as sentence structure and meaning can be awkward without it.

Recent use by others notwithstanding, Shakespeare and J. R. R. Tolkien are two writers of note who used β€œfrom whence” in their writing.
The project was in jeopardy, on and off, but surely from whence it began.
by Hypatia-Kant March 15, 2019
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To say once and when combined.
Person 1: Once/when you arrive home drink some milk.
Person 2: Just say Whence you arrive home drink some mil
by DopeManSingh June 09, 2018
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