V. To exceedingly excell in excellence in anything to the point of discouraging all others from doing it; to destroy the hopes and dreams of all who dare to compete against you in the cruelest way possible
Friend: "How'd you do in that match of MC4?" You: "I Soto'd it"
by RONSON September 11, 2013
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(pronounced SOH-tohs) Acronym meaning "Shit on top of shit." When you're having a day so bad, and it seems that absolutely nothing goes right, you're going through SOTOS.
Don't fuck with me today. I'm going through SOTOS, and I'm liable to twist someone's head off like a soda bottle!!!!
by Amaretto Kramer June 21, 2006
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When you lick a girls asshole, and she farts on your tongue and laughs about it. It isn't funny, every time I eat I taste shit and onions.
I got Soto'd by Sally last night, and now I can't eat taco bell ever again!
by McCluckin' Bell February 20, 2014
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