Any information that contradicts corporate media and government narratives, regardless of its actual veracity. See also: fake news
The Hunter Biden email leak story is misinformation. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
by Sum-Yung-Gai April 28, 2021
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The wrong information, often given on purpose to cloud the recipient's understanding of a topic.

**see also Disinformation
Mary knows that shy Bob likes Ann, who secretly likes Bob back. Mary likes Bob too. Bob asks Mary about her friend Ann's relationship status. Mary gives misinformation to Bob by saying she's not exactly sure if Ann is still seeing her old boyfriend. Mary knows Bob will be too shy now to clarify Ann's status with her directly.

See also Disinformation.
by The AntiStorm February 13, 2014
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'Repeat misinformation loudly enough, often enough, and it becomes information', she believed. 'We'll just say "It was Antifa and Black Lives Matter that stormed the Capitol, dressed like Trump supporters", and no matter what they see, they'll say it too, and it will become their truth. ... By the way, the election was stolen.'
by Monkey's Dad January 17, 2021
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Any statement that might hurt the Democrat Party, or any statement at all from a right-wing person. They (DNC) will use their Ministry of Truth (the media) to "fact check" the statement.
Donald Trump: The sky is blue.
The media: Trump spreads dangerous misinformation by claiming that the sky is blue
by JudahBenJudah December 23, 2020
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Any information not pre-selected by the US Mainstream Media and social networks as something that is factual.
Misinformation about the US election dropped significantly after Donald Trump was banned from Twitter.
by funguy10 January 17, 2021
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What the media doesn't tell you when talking about all the horror stories on the coronavirus is that though over 3,000 people is a lot when you've lost a loved one, there's still over a billion people that lived on in China. Instead, all you hear about is how people should worry more than they are, that they should take more caution, but that they shouldn't panic, and that they should remain calm, which is all contradictory.
The misinformation about the coronavirus and deaths is not all coming from China, it's on the news in the united states.
by Solid Mantis April 1, 2020
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