the main rapper of nct, and in some cases also the leader, youngest member, and vocalist. he's young, and yet he's accomplished more than you ever will. a truely talented god.
mark lee is the love of my life.
by totally not RWAE November 21, 2017
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person 1: god doesn’t exist.

person 2: lemme tell you about a boy called mark lee-
by luvbot April 14, 2019
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mark lee is a canadian rapper apart of the group nct. he cant freestyle but we been knew. he is always water hungry not thirsty. and he always says lets get it.
mark lee: have you ever been water hungry

jaehyun: you mean thirsty?
mark: no water hungry
by that one mark lee stan November 17, 2018
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he's better than you in everything else. he's extremely smart, he's more talented, he's richer, has a bigger dick, he's cuter, he's cuter, he's cuter, and has the better nose scrunch. addison rae got nothing on this sexy mf. he should trademark hip thrusts. have you seen that cherry bomb fancam? yea ;-;
: oh so you're a kpop fan? which group?
: the group that has a mark lee
by leon supremacist December 1, 2020
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1. to be an icon, the most talented, amazing, spectacular, showstopping Canadian member of the kpop boy groups NCT and SuperM
2. to die laughing at anything, taking others down with you because of the contagious nature of your laugh.
3. to glitch and malfunction
4. to cringe
5. to use the word "like" excessively
6. to blush when having to explain innuendos
7. to embrace your cheekbones (zygomatic bones)
8. to use dude at the beggining of every other sentence
9. to be a foreign swagger
Dude, that meme was so funny like, I totally mark leed! *inhale and uncontrollable laugh*
by morkbestie April 14, 2021
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person 1: Mark lee is so overworked
person 2: if sm puts him in anymore groups, im sueing
by taeyongs_gay_wife April 22, 2021
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- carrier of the most iconic rap verses such as jopping, the 7th sense, cherry bomb and mad city
- main dancer and rapper of nct 127
- nct dream captain
- canada boy
person 1: uh you think you big boy throwing three stacks, imma show you how to ball you a mismatch, opinionated but I'm always spitting straight facts, throwback i might throw this on an eight track

person 2: whoa was that mark lees jopping rap??
by pearlneograss December 1, 2020
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