A myspacer term referring to some bitches. PLural. The z apparently adds coolness. Usually used by someone being snobby.
Prettynpinkxoxo: Jessica and Miranda are bitchez!!!
Kaylyn101: Um you shouldnt talk about them behind their back. Thats just stupid.
Prettynpinkxoxo: Well they are! ZOMG! This convo is over.
by Sk8rgirl March 21, 2008
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used to name a person group of people that you hate in some way.
maybe it is because your principal is a nazi.. or maybe because the people who you get internet service from are all bitches.. or maybe you use it on a group of people that always annoy you in some way
leave me alone nazi bitchez!

the nazi byotchez at skool let us go home earlier..
by Fallen X February 10, 2010
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Offensive style to say "Good Afternoon". Mentioned by the GZA in Dave Chappelle's show.

Mixture of Japanese with Ghetto Slang.
Chinese Guy: The chinese delegation chooses the RZA, the GZA, Ol'Dirty Bastard... the Wu-Tang Clan.

GZA: Konichiwa, Bitchez!
by Wilson Wicked February 11, 2006
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When a bitch is using you.
"I can't believe she hasn't called me back, I took her to Applebees and everything!'
by ohhaygurl January 2, 2012
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A group of 6 friends all with these specific names :
Lewis x2
Person 1:I'm part of the seggzy Bitchez group
Person 2: oh you must be named Teo, Tyler, Adam, Lewis or Keira
by BickDickJamahl April 22, 2022
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A group of seven renowned classy broads. These girls keep to themselves, they are known to be the "popular" girls at Salve Regina University. They, as well as everyone else in Newport/ New England refer to this group as the cremè de la cremè. This fabulous group of seven got their name from their sophomore year housing, their so-called Hedges dorm.
What is going on tonight? I dont know let's check the hedges bitchez twitter.
by Hedges Bitch February 14, 2013
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