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A type of human characterized by a perpetual state of gaiety and being incapable of feeling genuine hatred. Garis are typically allergic to most foods, but, of course, are not at all allergic to friendship. Garis tend to scorn dating but are one of the most attractive and spicy subspecies of homo sapiens.
She was distraught but then she Garied and instantly looked and felt better.
by manatus October 28, 2017
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Gari, aka Hari, is the name given to any human remotely resembling a garden gnome. Common features of a Hari are prominent teeth, dirty panties and opinions that rarely affect the outcome of any situation. Recent investigations have shown another diagnostic feature of a Gari to be his commonly used phrase... 'here, drink this'. Gari's are often prevalent in areas of dense garden foliage, outside cinema toilets brandishing a lethal pair of soiled underwear and occasionally peering through the gates of playgrounds.
"Ahhh man...i think i just Gari'd my pants"

"I really feel like honking someone...anyone up for a Gari?"

"Welcome to Hari's House of Men!"

"Hey garden is really there anything i can buy to liven it up?"
"Buy a Gari!"

"Stupid Gari!"
by Gift2Women August 25, 2009
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Gari is a crisp and crunchy West African food made from grated fresh cassava with the excess liquid dried out. It can be eaten with Shito or mixed with sugar, smoked peanuts and milk to make soakings. Gari has saved more lives in West Africa than doctors have.
Outman: I am starving.
Einstein: You can eat the Gari in my chop box.
by joey6rings November 30, 2018
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Gari is rarely used as a nickname/short for Margarita, in cases where Margi or Rita are used up, voted unattractive, or rendered boring through the passage of time. Gari is in fact, one of the last possible combinations that can be derived from the name Margarita, and the third most unpopular one, the second and first being "Arg" or "Arit"
-Margy is beautiful tonight
-I mean Rita
-I don't know any Ritas bro.
-I mean your sister, Margarita
-stay away from Gari man, I'll break your knees.
by Babiniotis April 20, 2017
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A living space generally created within a garage. Typically the space is converted into an extra room with added comfort: e.g tiling or floor surface added and other amenities. Generally, it is referred to in most circumstances as “The Gari”.
What’s it like living in the Gari mate?

The Gari is good, very comfortable, just installed some air conditioning in the room.
by KamiG November 17, 2018
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