Adult male who is strong and solid, but tiny; not necessarily in height or weight.
Joseph, you are a tiny man.
by Rad-a tat tat June 7, 2013
'"Tiny Man Square" in modeled after Tiananmen Square, in that it is now walled off and democratic protests are not allowed in the area proper. Even the people that work in the area cannot not protest or whistle blow without being fired.
by mlhiss June 8, 2020
A person of the male gender who is short in size and deeply troubled by the world around him.
The angry tiny man ate through my feet, so now people call me "Stumpy".
by Dark Chaos December 11, 2004
A shaken man-tini is a sexual act, named after the alcoholic drink, the martini. It involves emptying the contents of a ballpoint pin and inserting opposite ends into the urethras of two penises until the glans (or heads) of the penises are touching, at which point the males begin to alternate ejaculations, forcing an ever-growing mass of semen back and forth between the penises.
The only drink gayer than an apple-martini, is a shaken man-tini.
by EK1 January 19, 2011
The theory in which all toxic men have tiny dicks based upon all the pictures I have gotten from toxic men have been tiny.
Person 1: "Go die"
Me: "gotta be that toxic to make up for that small of a dick, damn"
Person 1: *disconnects from game*

Toxic man tiny dick.
by xxxyehhehe June 14, 2021
Someone with a tiny cock, lacks social significance in life, but acts like a big cock man
Yo, Luo is 100% tiny cock man
by kjfdlshdjkgkjlfds May 17, 2017