DnD Term. Basically means to roll the dice.
Person 1: "Hey man it's your turn. Go die.

Person 2: I rolled a 12. Critical.
by Velott August 7, 2020
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when someone is annoying you then you tell them to go die it doesn't mean literally want them to die it just means you wanted to shut up and leave you alone or change the conversation
Random person "hey where's the apple pie you promised me in year 2
Me "go die, how am I supposed to remember that
by Yourdadmate October 30, 2019
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telling someone to jump off a very high building.
"you should go die"
"lol ok bye"
by jjehany June 6, 2021
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When you're minorly annoyed by what your friend is doing. Said in sarcasm.
Annoying friend: *crunch crunch*mm these chips are amaaazing

Annoyed Friend: Go Die
by Peaceoutbeautifulpeople September 22, 2018
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When people are being excessively annoying and you can not stand to talk to them or watch them live for another second you simple tell them to go die
annoying person: Why are you so mean to me?
Nerden : Why are you living?
annoying person: huh?
Nerden : can you like just go die or something
annoying person: Thats just awful!
Nerden: k like your heart needs to stop beating now
annoying person: WHAT??!!
Nerden : gosh just stop breathing and die!
by Nerden (nemo) March 6, 2010
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Related to go die in a hole except more hostile. Both are mainly used in the south,when someone is pissed off or used as a comeback.

The reason for it being more hostile is because someone in undertext is telling you,to get hit by a hurricane or tornado.

Since hiding in a ditch is what your told to do when facing said things.

1."Yo,bro your girlfriend's a mega whore!"
"...Go die in a ditch.."
2."RGGH idiots,you should all go die in a ditch"
by FlippyHippy July 9, 2010
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