The fireman's helmet; the head of the penis; the red, sensitive part near the tip: the part that if you lick it hard enough will make your man cum.
Tom nibbled and licked Greg's glans until Greg squealed.
by Jacon (jay-son) August 23, 2003
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To glans, to rub your glans against an object in the purpose of tainting it. Some teach that in a proper glansing the foreskin is pulled back over the object, obviously this creates several problems. For instance circumcised males cannot preform this act, and no matter how stretchy your foreskin is you ain't never getting it to stretch around a car.
Dude I glansed your toothbrush.
by Teh PF January 4, 2005
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The act of being ditched
you left for the party without me? yeeeah, i just got glanned real bad man.
by ushuibfdufsdifda November 28, 2006
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(Noun)Short for GamerzLAN a gaming compound in upstate New York comprised of Computer Gamers who flock to play video games for 10 hours every Saturday. The attendees are known as GLANiacs and are loyal to their one true leader the charasmatic Karza (who is often likened to David Koresh of Waco fame) The gaming flock often showers Karza with gifts such as speakers, PC parts, and even binary clocks to show their appreciation for his guidance and constant supply of Bawls. Some argue that GLAN is a verb used to describe the act of gaming at the GamerzLAN compound.
Noun: You going to the GLAN this weekend?
Verb: Are you going to GLAN this weekend?
by Dulles August 31, 2005
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The rounded lip or edge that projects at the base of the glans on a penis. The most sensitive spot on a guy, especially on the underside as the two sides of the corona meet at the frenulum.
Guy 1 - Dude, I discovered the best masturbation technique by rubbing the corona of the glans
Guy 2 - What is that?
Guy 1 - The edge of your bellend
Guy 2 - Bro I've know this one for years
by r4ndomuser March 18, 2023
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For males, the toilet paper you use to protect the head of your penis from a foreign toilet seat while seated.
I know you had to use a glans dam in that nasty ass bathroom.
by King Glans August 12, 2011
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A verb referring to when a male and female show their glanses to each other. The boy or man shows his penis glans and a girl or woman shows her clitoris glans. It is non-sexual and is done to compare or to see whether it is homologous. Its also done with an intent to emphasize the sexual ambiguity between genders and sexes. This psychologically brings males and females back to their fetal stage before the y chromosome caused sexual differentiation. It is also done by feminists who wish to declare the presence of a phallus.
Hey, guess what Chelsea and Bob were doing round the corner? They were glans matching.
by tory borty August 27, 2013
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