"Hey, did you hear about Tiananmen Square?"
"Yeah, I heard REDACTED"
by [REMOVED] August 16, 2019
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Nothing happened in the Tiananmen Square
Friend: Yo, have you heard about the Tiananmen Square protests?
me: Yeah, it was a bloodba... I mean everyone was cheerful and there was no massacre.
Friend: What do you mean? Wait, who are those people behind you?
by xX_n00bM4st3r-69_Xx May 23, 2019
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According to China, absolutely nothing ever happened at this place.
There was no massacre at all in Tiananmen Square. Nobody ever died in Tiananmen Square. We never went there and killed a bunch of innocent people -China
by nlolhere August 13, 2020
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a plaza in Beijing, China that was the scene of a massive peaceful pro-democracy movement in 1989. The protestors occupied the area for several days. The protests were begun by students and soon farmers, urban laborers and others joined in. It was covered by foreign media extensively. Some demonstrators held signs expressing (in English) a desire for glasnost like that in the U.S.S.R courtesy of Gorbachev. Some erected a huge papier mache statue dubbed the "Goddess of Democracy". Sad to say, the Politburo Red Army revved up their tanks and started to chase and mow down demonstrators in their paths. I saw this hideous crackdown erupt live on NBC. A few protestors managed to stick torches into tanks and burn them up. A massive news blackout was immediately imposed by the Chinese authorities. To this day foreigners still don't know how many Chinese people lost their lives in the bloodbath. Estimates run up to the thousands, maybe more.
1. And the question is: if the Communist Chinese society was such a egalitarian classless democratic utopia as theorized by Karl Marx - like the Chinese commies
would have you believe, then why did so many people hold demonstrations? The answer: they weren't satisfied with things. And how come? Because the regime wasn't living up to Marxist theory. The whole Communism biz is a crock. In an ideal classless utopia there would be no crackdown like this. It's another example of government corruption and lies. One of these days it's all gonna fall, just like Axl Rose said.

2. Ben and Lora went to China in order to adopt a child from there. They visited places like the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square, where a huge portrait of Chairman Mao is watching you. One of these days ...
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 14, 2009
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A sexual encounter involving an obese woman (the tank) catching a brave yet powerless man (the activist) unawares. For a successful Tiananmen Squaring, the man must flee into anonymity and the rest of society must deny the encounter occurred.
Ivan: "I know I saw Dmitri leaving the club with that XL chick last night. There's no way she didn't Tiananmen Square him!"

Vladimir: "First of all, I have no idea what you're talking about. Second, don't mention this ever again."
by Chinaking October 28, 2012
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