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A group of former /b/tards that were banned from 4chan for posting child porn. These former /b/tards (now just "tards") went and vandalized 4chan's Wikipedia article, and were promptly banned from there, too. Out of bitterness, these people began Encyclopedia Dramatica as a way to get back at the Internet and fill the gigantic void where their e-cocks used to be. Articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica usually consist of websites or people which are all branded as "unfunny" and/or "gay" because Encyclopedia Dramatica is the Absolute Internet Judge Of All That Is Funny And/Or Gay.
The pedophile was banned from a website, so he wrote an article about the website on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by Dark Chaos November 09, 2006

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1. A person who does not believe in a deity or God.

(In extreme cases, it is also a person who criticizes others for believing "fairy tales" from the Bible. These people are not atheists, as they would have you think, but elitists, and should be given a severe beating.)
An Atheist does not go to Hell, because in his mind, there is no Hell.
by Dark Chaos July 29, 2004

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Originally a pic from the NES game Punch-Out, the picture dipected the events in between each tournament where Little Mac would jog through New York and his trainer, Doc Louis, would be leading him on a bike. One day, someone at Something Awful decided to take the picture and add the caption "Nigga stole my bike!" as a contribution to the photoshop contest of that week. This picture soon spread to YTMND, where it was placed on a web page with a sound clip of a person saying "Nigga stole my bike!" over and over again. Soon, variations were churned out almost daily, creating an Internet sensation that proved racism could still be funny...for a while.
A more popular variation involves the full animation of the scene accompanied by the music, with the infamous phrase mixed into the music.
by Dark Chaos August 24, 2005

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The plural of elitist. In short, a person, or group of persons, who believes something about them make them superior to others, and they feel the need to flaunt their superiority.
Elitists are scum, no matter who they support.
by Dark Chaos August 12, 2004

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An online community where people from all over the world can share art, poetry, "prose," and more.

Although there are people that dislike this sort of place, more often then not, these are the same people who use the word "fag" in a degrading manner and who hate Dance Dance Revolution and those who play it.
DeviantART is certainly an active web site.
by Dark Chaos December 28, 2003

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The attorney for the website Something Awful. Many have doubted his abilities as a lawyer, but somehow he manages to get the job done.
Leonard is your God now.
by Dark Chaos July 31, 2004

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As he claims, a mighty pirate.
I'm Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty pirate!
by Dark Chaos July 31, 2004

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