yo i keeps it 100, ya-feel me.
by really1real July 23, 2008
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Slang for being 100% authentic. Meaning being true, keeping it real, being honest, etc.
I’m sorry if dude got his feelings hurt, I was just keeping it 100.
by Flyerthanabird July 9, 2019
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by davepilyas37 February 10, 2021
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Person a: Aight dawg I'm out.
Person b: Aight Peace.
Person a: 100
by Eazy E August 13, 2003
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4 in binary

the bestest grade in the world
Coach: How many push ups did you do?
Student: 4
Coach: I gave you an assignment to do 100...
Student: I did 100!
by Pillar of Autumn September 11, 2011
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a slang term used to agree on something or just a straight answer "yes"
You:Hey wanna go to the mall
Me: 100 lets go
by Johnny Sak July 7, 2010
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