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Mentally disturbed as a result of reckless behavior (Drug use,Alcohol, Excessive Partying)
Or by Depression, Anxiety/Break from reality due to traumatic experiences.
Or, one of the aforementioned causing the other.
Diana lost the plot and hit her mother, She became real troubled ever since she started dating that Aaron boy
by Matrona January 24, 2015
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Vague, insulting threat that implies you have a delusional disorder or family problems, and therefore when you tell someone that the priest sexually molested you, you will not be believed.
"I 'm worried about that kidJoey - seems to me the boy's troubled. Perhaps he is being abused by his parents. I kinda like that little fella and have been counseling him in the confessional."
by Gwyneth Timlin May 28, 2017
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