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A word used to describe Donald Trump's temper tantrums, mean bullying, and ballistic retaliation.
A housewife in Baltimore accused Ted Cruz of being a "liar and thief " for stealing credit for her published phrase "Trumper Tantrum", and turning it into Trumpertantrum. One unifying thing about Trump is that he can both ignite and unify the Republican Party in one big brawl.
by mlhiss February 12, 2016

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Approximately, 47% of the households did not pay federal income tax in 2011. This was in part because the Republicans lowered taxes on the poor to justify huge tax reductions for the extremely wealthy classes during the Bush Era. However, many in the 47% category still pay other types of taxes such as payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, state income taxes, and fees, etc.

The Romney Doctrine promotes the idea that many of these people are unable to change because they feel like they are victims. This includes retirees and elderly, poor that are sick or disabled, mentally incompetent, working poor, under employed and unemployed, students, and farmers who depend on government assistance during part of their lives. Many of these people feel entitled to these government benefits after paying into these systems for most of their lives through income and payroll taxes and fees. And many of them will not vote for a presidential candidate that will dismantle much of the social safety net, or that favors a privatization of these systems.
Approximately, 47 percent of the households in the US did not pay income taxes.
Most of these households paid payroll, and other state and federal taxes and fees.
by mlhiss September 19, 2012

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The Occupy Wall Street movement's premise is that only the people can take back control of the democracy and reinstitute social justice and equality. The movement is in response to the mean spirited and greedy plutocrats who not only control the outcome of the elections but the votes in Congress, Court decissions, and the actions of the President. Occupy Wall Street Movement is based in part on the Arab Spring in which the people took to the streets and seized control of the countries that were ruled by dictators. While it started on Wall Street it has spread rapidly to Main Streets throughout the USA.

The Occupy Wall Street movement wants to make sure Wall Street shakers and fakers are held accountable for the illegal activities that contributed to the Great Recession. They want to change the incentive systems in capitalism to favor society as a whole, instead of the greed and contempt of a few.
It is amazing in the day of high speed communications that it takes three weeks for the Occupy Wall Street movement to get from the social media and street to the corporate media. Even more amazing is how the movements clear message of social and equal justice can be distorted by the corporate media.
by mlhiss October 06, 2011

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The practice of revealing another persons personal information on the Internet. It is often done as revenge by ex-lovers who post nude images of their former lover online.
When her ex-lover doxxed her on a porn website he was not really thinking of the fact that she was a minor at the time the pictures of them were taken in compromising positions. But he had a lot of time later to think about it in jail after her parents had charges brought against him for statutory rape, and distributing nude pictures of a minor. He was also reminded of it when he had to register as a sex offender. He should not have been so surprised when they posted images of his mugshot and tag line "convicted of rape and possession and distribution of child pornography" on all the sex offender and criminal websites.
by mlhiss March 02, 2014

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A person that feels uncomfortable and lacks a rational understanding or revulsion of people with transgender people, especially those with a real diagnosis of gender dysphoria (distress caused by the discrepancy between a person's physical gender and their gender identity).
There are as many different transphobic types of people as there are transgender people. Some transphobic individuals have a real fear and negative emotional reaction to transgender people, whereas others have a more outward hatred and rage towards transgender people. Many people who are considered transphobic have had little contact with transgender people and so may act stupidly, make light of the encounter by joking or teasing, or lack political correctness, or make insensitive comments but are not clinically transphobic. Some transphobic people claim it is immoral, social perversion, a ruse for voyeuristic people, or claim it is against their religion to rationalize their transphobic behavior. Many transphobic people can quickly learn more about gender dysphoria and to accept it without responding negatively.
by mlhiss December 20, 2019

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Professional Managerial Class. Middle-class professionals typically who typically are educated and have business training and qualifications, and some advanced university degrees;

e.g. academics, teachers, social workers, engineers, managers, nurses, and middle-level administrators, The PMC typically have above-average incomes.
The Republicans suck up to the PMC by giving them tax breaks and stripping the industry of fundamental business regulations. which really doesn't benefit the PMC in the lower rung. And the transfer of all the wealth to the rich limits the PMC's opportunity, especially when the middle class and poor no longer have money for discretionary spending on their products.
by mlhiss December 19, 2019

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Lots of Bull Shit
Bush: Mission Accomplished
Observer: LOBS
by mlhiss January 02, 2012

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