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Adjective used to describe usually very negative person, that bitch about everything, spread unnecessary hate or just talk shit about others. You can meet these people in any online game comunity and they are the main coin of online gaming.
Yo mike is so toxic when he is loosing.
Why you gotta be so toxic Tyler ? please calm down.
by Wild Jesus May 27, 2016
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Used to describe a person who is tainted by a subconscious malevolence or psychosis that affects the lifes of those who come into contact with them.
A mother that brings nothing but grief to the mental health of her children.
by Peat Bog Man February 06, 2002
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Toxic is a group of people who are rude and can't be nice. They are not true to people around them. They need an attitude check. Their personalities are so unappealing its make the people around them suffer and turn rude as well. Beware of toxics!
Friend 1: omg that new girl is making all my friends turn on me.

Friend 2: she is so toxic!!
by untoxic March 13, 2014
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A word used to describe a person spreads unnecessary hate on an online community
voiD.Bridger is so toxic when he plays Rainbow Six Siege.
I've stopped playing with XXXx__Th3_M1n3craf7er__xXXX because he is toxic and I don't like being around him.
by TheBIGT101 December 18, 2018
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Description for dummies:

In the gaming world, someone toxic could be described as a hater, who chats so much shit that you wanna break your headset... Or simply mute them. This applies to PCs and consoles. Toxic gamers don't get along with anyone other than their friends, honestly no one likes them. They also usually put new players down, instead of helping them to get to know the game.

A toxic community is just full of people described above.
"Don't even tell me that PC is superior to consoles..."
"It is, but besides that, console gamers are so toxic. You can't even have fun without someone telling you that you're bad"
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by theNADER April 06, 2017
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