a cool way of telling someone you sat around doing nothing.
hot girl: where were you saturday?
guy: just home chilling.
hot girl: that's cool
hot girl: where were you saturday?
guy: i was sitting at home doing nothing.
hot girl: wow, you're a loser.
by bobertdude May 24, 2009
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just hanging out, not really doing anything exciting
chilling is all jason ever does
by mooooorgan February 25, 2012
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The act of shoving your penis deep into a snowy substance for sexual release.
by Ilike2chill November 23, 2009
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chilling is when u just cant be bothered in life to do anything else.
gregory: 'whatchu doing?'
bobba: 'chilling ;)'
by joe has a mama June 15, 2020
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When someone for some reason is very agitated or angry who really needs to calm down.

This gives them the option to calm down and relax themselves or others will do it for them.
that C**** wont answer the phone! WTF! im gonna keep calling the b**** until she f****** picks up!" "mate, we are tryin to have a good time! chill or be chilled!" "yeah, OK.
by B247E July 2, 2010
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when a person gets so reckless that you need to emphasize how much they need to calm down by telling them to chill twice
logan, you need to chill chill and stop chiefing on that blunt
by mountaineermaniacs May 29, 2010
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